Peace Pagoda

The London Peace Pagoda

From someone that came from out of town is astonished to discover this kind of building in the middle of London. The first one in Victoria Park I shot here. This is real monument built from the early community of Buddhist in 1984.  A really place of peace. ‘It is so important for a large city, such as London, to have such a spiritual centre,’ explained Rev. Nagase. ‘ In the park recently I met a man who lives in London but who happened to be in New York on September 11. He was stranded there for several days before he could fly home, during which time he thought of the Peace Pagoda and its significance in today’s world. When he arrived back in London he brought his young son, who had been very worried about his father, to find comfort here’ This extract derived from the website of Battersea Park when it is possible to find further information.